Giant Shiba Inu Whale Awakens, Transfers 4T SHIB Tokens

14. Juli 2023 Aus Von admin

• A dormant Shiba Inu whale holding over 100 trillion SHIB tokens recently transferred 4 trillion SHIB tokens.
• Attention was captivated by this remarkable occurrence as the value of the tokens on exchanges was compared to that of those off it.
• Analysis of inflow and outflow charts show regular movements, suggesting no notable surge had occurred.

Shiba Inu Whale Reactivates After Two Years

A prodigious Shiba Inu [SHIB] whale recently came back to life after being dormant for nearly two years. This whale held an immense 101.47 trillion SHIB tokens dispersed across 23 distinct wallets, accounting for approximately $756 million or more than 10% of the SHIB supply. The whale then initiated a transfer of 4 trillion SHIB tokens, equivalent to over $29 million, into 8 fresh addresses.

Volume Analysis Reveals Low Activity Hindering Price Rally

Analysis of the inflow and outflow charts on Santiment reveals that there has not been any significant surge in token volume since the whale’s activity resumed. At the time of writing, the inflow chart stood at 14.58 billion while outflow volume slightly exceeds 8 billion. This indicates that there is low activity hindering any potential price rally for SHIB tokens on exchanges.

Speculation On Future Trajectory Ensues

The reemergence of this tremendous Shiba Inu whale has prompted speculation amongst cryptocurrency investors about what its future trajectory will be for this digital asset class . Many investors are hoping that further analysis will shed some light on whether or not this whale will have a positive effect on pricing or if its activities will remain relatively stagnant in comparison to other altcoins in the market today .

Will SHIB React?

It remains to be seen how much influence this particular Shiba Inu whale has over pricing and trading activity within crypto markets . However , it is likely that its presence and subsequent activity could inspire further speculation as well as drive investor attention towards SHIB tokens . It is also possible that further transfers from this giant holder could lead to a price rally should enough active token be moved onto exchanges.


Only time can tell how influential this particular Shiba Inu whale is within cryptocurrency markets, but it certainly looks like an interesting development worth keeping an eye on in terms of altcoin performance going forward.